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Unlock Your Potential With Energy Advisor Training

Energy Advisors enjoy a range of benefits that come with this career choice. It’s well-paid, and in demand, you can be your boss, and have the freedom to choose when, where, and how much you earn. Another benefit? Energy Advisors help support the global transition to a net-zero emissions future and learn transferable skills for the growing clean energy sector.


With Canada’s own mandate of a net-zero future by 2050, Registered Energy Advisors are now in high demand because Energy Audits conducted by Energy Advisors are required to apply for many government and utility energy efficiency rebate and loan programs (such as the Canada Greener Homes Initiative or Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Program).


What Are Energy Advisors?


Energy Advisors are licensed individuals, certified by Natural Resources Canada, to conduct Home Energy Audits in Canada following the EnerGuide Rating System. The EnerGuide Rating System is nationally recognized as the premier way of providing customized energy performance information to homeowners.


Through an Energy Audit, Energy Advisors evaluate HVAC systems, insulation, windows, doors and other building components and produce customized energy audit reports with recommendations on saving energy, improving comfort, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


A Licensed Energy Advisor can also provide homeowners with information on available energy efficiency rebates and loans, how to apply for them, and how it helps offset the upfront costs of home energy retrofits.

Energy Advisor Training


How to Become an Energy Advisor?


EcoLogic Energy Advisors provides training for those looking to become Energy Advisors through our rigorous Energy Advisor Training program. Our program is designed by professionals to give trainees the correct skills and knowledge required to be successful in the industry. Our instructors provide ongoing guidance and support throughout the training process.


To become an Energy Advisor, there is a specific pathway trainees must follow.


1. Take the Online Foundation Level Exam Course: Trainees in our program receive comprehensive and rigorous training to prepare for the Foundation Level Exam. Our online course is taught by industry experts.

2. Take the Online Energy Advisor Course: Our course is designed to prepare trainees to take the Energy Advisor Exam (House) and to complete their probationary audits.

3. Take the Exams: To be considered for registration with NRCan, aspiring candidates must pass two separate exams, the Foundation Level Exam and the Energy Advisor (House) Exam. Both of these exams test trainees on critical competency categories required for successful Energy Advisors.

4. Probationary Energy Audits: Explore hands-on experience through the completion of probationary EnerGuide home energy audits. These guided audits help provide trainees with the proper techniques, skills, and tips to succeed in the field.

5. Become Registered with NRCan: Once students pass the exams and complete their probationary energy audits, they can become affiliated with EcoLogic Energy Advisors and then apply for registration with NRCan.

Energy Advisor Training


What Does the Energy Advisor Training Include?


EcoLogic’s Energy Advisor Course teaches students a comprehensive and rigorous overview of the EnerGuide Rating System and HOT2000 Energy Modelling. Through a mix of lectures, online demonstrations, virtual on-site energy audits, and hands-on experiences, our online course guides students every step of the way, with the flexibility to fit into busy schedules.


Our Energy Advisor Training prepares trainees to properly evaluate the energy efficiency of houses and provide recommendations on how to improve it. Enjoy practice files to model at home so trainees can perfect their skills and gain the confidence required to excel as an Energy Advisor.


By the end of our online training, trainees will be prepared to take both exams and complete their probationary energy audits.


Ready to Begin?


Fill out our simple online enrolment form for our Energy Advisor Training to begin your journey. Our program syllabus allows you to learn at your own pace. Be prepared to join a wonderful career that supports your flexibility and free time but also promotes a greener tomorrow.


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