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Online Energy Advisor Course.
Be Your Own Boss.
Support a Net-Zero Emissions Future.

Online Energy Advisor Course

Become a Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Registered Energy Advisor.


Study at your own pace.  EcoLogic Energy Advisors' all-in-one, on-demand, Online Energy Advisor Course is designed to fit your busy schedule and give you the knowledge and skills you need to complete the following steps to become an NRCan Registered Energy Advisor:

  1. Pass the NRCan Foundation Level Exam

  2. Pass the NRCan Energy Advisor (House) Exam

  3. Complete 6 probationary energy audits with an NRCan licensed service organization

  4. Get registered as an Energy Advisor with NRCan

If you dedicate yourself to your studies on a full-time basis, you can complete all steps within 3 months.


Online Energy Advisor Course



Valid for 6 months

Course Includes:

  • 18 sections

  • Over 200 modules

  • 4 practice EnerGuide energy evaluations

Course Features:

  • Flexible schedule, no need to attend in-person classes or disrupt your current commitments.

  • Experienced instructors.

  • Includes a recommended Foundation Level Exam study approach and study resources.

  • A comprehensive introduction to the EnerGuide Rating System.

  • Online demonstrations of the latest energy auditing techniques, including a virtual on-site energy audit.

  • HOT2000 energy modelling demonstrations.

  • Sketchup instruction and demonstrations.

  • Practice energy audit files.

Individuals that take the Online Energy Advisor Course are free to complete their 6 probationary energy audits with any NRCan service organization.  EcoLogic Energy Advisors may complete probationary audits for select Ontario candidates who have completed our online course, passed all exams, and are selected through an interview process. 

Online Energy Advisor Course Features

 Designed to Fit Your Busy Schedule


Foundation Level Exam Study Guide

Includes a recommended exam study approach and study resources.


Online Demonstrations

Includes demonstrations of the latest energy auditing techniques. You'll learn how to conduct an energy audit according to the EnerGuide Rating System standard, observe a virtual on-site energy audit from start to finish, including learning how to conduct blower door tests.


Practice Energy Audit Files

Includes practice energy audit files that you can model at home, so you can perfect your skills and gain the confidence you need to excel in this field. 


EnerGuide Rating System

Includes a comprehensive introduction to the EnerGuide rating system, a nationally recognized rating standard that provides homeowners with customized information about the energy performance of their homes.


HOT2000 Energy Modelling

Includes in-depth HOT2000 modelling demonstrations. We teach you how to model all aspects of a house, from foundations to mechanical systems, and how to interpret results and develop home retrofit recommendations.


Sketchup Instruction

Includes instruction on using Sketchup, so you'll be prepared to start your probationary energy audits and tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Pathway to Becoming
A Registered Energy Advisor



Our Online Energy Advisor Course is a comprehensive resource that can assist you in preparing for the Foundation Level Exam. It's designed to help you succeed and achieve your goals.



Our Online Energy Advisor Course is designed to help you prepare for the Energy Advisor (House) Exam. With our comprehensive course, you can gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as an Energy Advisor.



Our comprehensive Online Energy Advisor Course prepares you to successfully complete 6 probationary energy audits required to become an Energy Advisor. 



Join the energy sector as a Registered Advisor with Natural Resources Canada. Get registered as an Energy Advisor after successfully completing your probationary energy audits.

Be Your Own Boss as a Registered Energy Advisor

Are you ready for a well-paid career where you can be your own boss and enjoy the flexibility of choosing when, where and how much you earn? 


A career where you can support the global transition to a net-zero emissions future and build a transferable skill set for the growing clean energy sector? 

With the acceleration of the clean energy transition underway, Registered Energy Advisors are in demand across Canada.


Energy audits conducted by Registered Energy Advisors are a requirement for participation in numerous government and utility energy efficiency rebate and loan programs, including the Canada Greener Homes Initiative.


Watch to See How Energy Advisors Support
the Delivery of the Canada Greener Homes Initiative

What Energy Advisors Do

A Registered Energy Advisor is licensed by Natural Resources Canada to conduct home energy audits in Canada using the EnerGuide Rating System. 


The EnerGuide Rating System is a nationally recognized rating standard that provides homeowners with customized information about the energy performance of their homes.

Energy Advisors evaluate home energy performance and develop custom reports with impartial upgrade recommendations to help homeowners save energy, improve comfort and reduce GHG emissions.  Energy Advisors also provide homeowners with guidance on how to access available rebates and loans to help offset the upfront costs of home energy retrofits.

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Energy Advisor Course

EcoLogic Energy Advisors is a Natural Resources Canada licensed service organization.

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