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EnerGuide Home Energy Audits.

NRCan-Registered Energy Advisors.

Your Partner in Sustainable Energy Solutions

EcoLogic Energy Advisors helps people make informed home energy retrofit decisions that contribute to a net-zero emissions future.

As a Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) licensed service organization, we are highly skilled in conducting EnerGuide home energy audits and providing comprehensive training to NRCan-Registered Energy Advisors to ensure they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver top-notch services to clients.


Energy Advisors are trained to evaluate home energy performance and create customized reports to help clients save energy, enhance comfort, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

NRCan-Registered Energy Advisor Training

What is an EnerGuide Home Energy Audit?

An EnerGuide Home Energy Audit is a thorough evaluation of your home's energy efficiency. Our NRCan-Registered Energy Advisor will assess your home's insulation heating and cooling systems, windows, doors and overall energy performance. Based on the audit, you'll receive a detailed report with recommendations for improving your home's energy performance.

Who Can Conduct EnerGuide Energy Audits?

NRCan-Registered Energy Advisors, who are trained to evaluate a home's energy efficiency, can conduct EnerGuide home energy audits. These experts use specialized equipment and methods to pinpoint energy waste and suggest ways to improve. It's crucial to select a well-trained Energy Advisor for accurate results when scheduling an EnerGuide home energy audit.

What are the Benefits of EnerGuide Energy Audits?

Completing an EnerGuide Home Energy Audit can pinpoint areas where your home is losing energy and suggest ways to enhance its efficiency, resulting in increased comfort, reduced energy bills, and a smaller environmental footprint.  Additionally, several governments offer incentives, rebates, or loans to homeowners who undertake an EnerGuide home energy audit to help cover the expenses of home energy retrofits.

What is the Process for Getting a Home Energy Audit?

Book an EnerGuide home energy audit appointment with a NRCan-Registered Energy Advisor who will assess your home's energy efficiency by examining various components. After the assessment, you will receive a detailed report with findings and energy-saving upgrade recommendations. Take action on the recommendations by making necessary improvements to enhance your home's energy efficiency.

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