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Five Signs It's Time For A Home Energy Audit

In today's environmentally conscious world, we are constantly reminded of the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and conserving energy. Not only does this benefit the planet, but it can also lead to significant cost savings for homeowners. One of the most effective ways to achieve both of these goals is through a home energy audit.

A home energy audit is an in-depth assessment of your home's energy usage by a Registered Energy Advisor. It helps identify areas of inefficiency and provides recommendations to improve energy conservation in your home. But how do you know when it's time to schedule your Home Energy Audit in Toronto? In this blog post, we will discuss five key signs that indicate it's time to schedule a home energy audit with EcoLogic Energy Advisors.

1. Rising Energy Bills

One of the most obvious signs that it's time for a home energy audit is when your energy bills are constantly going up. If your energy usage habits are the same as always, but your monthly energy costs are creeping up, there may be energy inefficiencies in your home that can be addressed to help you manage rising costs. These inefficiencies could include drafts, inadequate insulation, or an inefficient HVAC system.

Your Registered Energy Advisor will inspect your home’s windows, doors, insulation and mechanical systems to uncover the root causes of these higher energy bills and help you implement cost-effective solutions to reduce your energy consumption. By addressing these issues, you can potentially see a significant reduction in your monthly utility expenses, making it a wise investment in the long run.

2. Inconsistent Room Temperatures

Do you find yourself constantly adjusting your thermostat because some rooms in your home are too hot, while others are too cold? Inconsistent room temperatures can be a frustrating issue and a sign that your home may have heating and cooling deficiencies. This not only affects your comfort but also wastes energy as your HVAC system struggles to balance the temperature throughout your home.

EcoLogic’s Energy Advisors can pinpoint areas where your insulation is lacking or where air leaks are allowing conditioned air to escape. By identifying these problem areas, you can take steps to improve your home's insulation and seal gaps, creating a more comfortable and energy-efficient living space. This will not only make your home more pleasant to live in but also help you save on heating and cooling costs.

3. Drafty and Uncomfortable Spaces

If you've noticed that certain areas of your home feel drafty or uncomfortable, it's a clear sign that an energy audit may be necessary. Drafts are often a sign that the weatherstripping and seals on your windows and doors have lost their efficacy and need to be replaced. Drafts can be a significant source of energy loss, as they allow cool air to escape your home in the summer and warm air in the winter. Common areas for drafts include windows, doors, and even your attic and basement.

Using specialized equipment, EcoLogic Energy Advisors are able to identify drafts and areas of poor insulation that need immediate attention. By addressing these issues, you can make your home more comfortable and reduce your energy consumption, leading to savings on your energy bills.

4. Aging Mechanical Systems

As your home ages, so do its mechanical systems, including your HVAC system, water heater, and more. Older mechanical systems tend to be less energy-efficient, which can lead to increased energy consumption and higher bills. If your home has mechanical systems that are several years old, and you notice those energy costs rising, they could be due for replacement.

During an energy audit, an Energy Advisor will assess the energy efficiency of your mechanical systems and recommend upgrades or replacements where necessary. These upgrades can result in significant energy savings over time, making your home more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

5. Preparing for a Green Renovation

If you're considering making your home more eco-friendly through renovations or upgrades, it's an ideal time to conduct your energy audit. Your energy audit report will provide you with a roadmap for improvements that will enhance the energy efficiency of your home while ensuring that your renovation projects align with your goals.

Home Energy Audit

Why Now is the Best Time to Schedule Your Home Energy Audit

Now is the perfect time to book a home energy audit in Mississauga because you can take advantage of the Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Program and the Canada Greener Homes Loan.

These programs are designed to offset the cost of energy-efficient retrofits and renovations with rebates and zero-interest loans that make the upgrades more affordable and accessible. Depending on what renovations you need to complete, eligible Ontario residents can receive up to $10,000 back in rebates. Additionally, you can receive an additional $600 to cover the total costs of pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide home energy audits. The Government of Canada also offers the Canada Greener Homes Loan, an interest-free loan of up to $40,000 (repayable over ten-years) to use towards home energy upgrades.


A Home Energy Audit is an invaluable tool for identifying and rectifying energy inefficiencies in your home. If you've noticed rising energy bills, inconsistent room temperatures, drafts, aging mechanical systems, or you're planning a green renovation, it's time to consider scheduling an Energy Audit with EcoLogic Energy Advisors. All of our Energy Advisors are fully licensed by Natural Resources Canada to provide pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide Energy Audits for your home.

By addressing these issues, you can improve your home's energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy long-term cost savings. Don't wait until your energy bills become overwhelming or your comfort is compromised; take proactive steps to create a more sustainable and efficient living space today.


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