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Empower Your Career with Energy Advisor Training: Become a Certified Expert in Energy Efficiency

Are you interested in joining an exciting career where you can help people learn how to improve the energy efficiency of their homes? That’s where Registered Energy Advisors come in. In Canada, almost 250,000 new homes are built each year, plus there are millions of existing older residential buildings in each province and territory. New construction is one of Canada’s largest employers and the renovation industry generates over $60 billion each year in revenue.

Since Canada has started working towards net-zero by 2050, there are numerous government rebate and loan programs available for eligible energy-efficient home retrofits. As more and more building codes are brought up to modern-day standards that include energy-efficient measures, Registered Energy Advisors are more crucial than ever before.

What Are Registered Energy Advisors?

A Registered Energy Advisor is licensed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to conduct home energy audits in Canada using the EnerGuide Rating System.

The EnerGuide Rating System is a nationally recognized rating standard that provides homeowners with customized information about the energy performance of their homes.

Energy Advisors evaluate home energy performance and develop custom reports with impartial upgrade recommendations to help homeowners save energy, improve comfort and reduce GHG emissions. Energy Advisors also provide homeowners with guidance on how to access available rebates and loans to help offset the upfront costs of home energy retrofits.

Energy Advisor Training

How Can You Become A Registered Energy Advisor?

To become a Registered Energy Advisor in Canada, you must complete a 3-step process created by Natural Resources Canada. Prospective energy advisors must:

  1. Pass the Foundation Level Exam

  2. Pass the Energy Advisor Exam

  3. Complete Probationary Energy Audits with a licensed NRCan Service Organization

Once you’ve passed the Foundation Level Exam, you can participate in EcoLogic Energy Advisors’ online Energy Advisor Course to help you prepare for the Energy Advisor Exam and to complete your probationary home energy audits.

Once you pass the Energy Advisor Exam you'll need to successfully complete probationary EnerGuide home audits with EcoLogic Energy Advisors, a licensed NRCan Service Organization, before becoming registered as an Energy Advisor with Natural Resources Canada.

What Do You Need to Know?

Here are some of the topics prospective Energy Advisors should learn about or be knowledgeable on:

● Construction & Renovation of Low-Rise Housing

● Construction Technology

● Building Envelope


● Building Science Principles

● House-As-A-System Concept

● Construction Math

● Reading Plans

● Site Safety

Energy Advisor Training Course

At EcoLogic Energy Advisors, we understand that the key to success is preparation. That's why we've designed our online Energy Advisor Training Course to provide expert guidance and support to prepare you for the Energy Advisor Exam and completing your solo probationary energy audits. Start building the skills and knowledge you need to make a difference in the world today.

Once you’ve completed the online Energy Advisor Course, you'll gain hands-on experience by completing five solo probationary EnerGuide home energy audits under the supervision of an experienced team. We'll help you learn and apply the skills you need to succeed in the field, so you can confidently provide valuable advice to homeowners looking to improve their home energy efficiency.

Becoming a Registered Energy Advisor with Natural Resources Canada is a great way to make your mark in the energy sector. Our team provides personalized guidance to help you through the registration process after you've completed your probationary energy audits. With our help, you can become a fully registered Energy Advisor and join a network of experts dedicated to promoting energy efficiency.

Next Steps to Becoming An Energy Advisor

If you’re interested in a well-paid and flexible career as a Registered Energy Advisor, where you can support the transition to a net-zero emissions future, EcoLogic Energy Advisors offers a thorough, rigorous and welcoming Energy Advisor Training Course to help you become a Registered Energy Advisor.


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